EC Alan Johnston- 2012 Thompson Leadership Award Winner

September 17, 2012


We start our series of post AMBITION interviews with those Consultants who won awards this year.  First up at bat (pardon the sports pun) is Executive Consultant Coach Alan Johnston from Tyler TX.  Coach was humbled beyond belief when his name was called out as the winner of this years Thompson Leadership Award.  Coach has lots to tell our Consultant base about what his leadership philosophy is and says, "It's not what you get... it's what you give in this life."  Great words to live by from a man whose heart is larger than his 6' 10" frame would dictate.  CONGRATULATIONS Coach!  We are so happy for you and your team.

Leadership… Integrity… Character… Honesty… Team-focused… These are the characteristics that describe the winner of the Thompson Leadership Award. The winner of this award is hand-picked by our co-founder, Chief Executive Officer Jere Thompson Jr., and is emblematic of the highest level of achievement.

Now click the link below to listen to Coach Alan Johnston's amazing story.

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